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To bring Unleash Your Brilliance to life, we created a series of key visuals to rally consumers around Intel's call to "Unleash Your Brilliance." The visual direction for this campaign was intentionally dynamic, emphasizing movement and flow.

With creative designed to be a rich, eye-catching manifestation of a gamer's inner passion, the player's "brilliance" is showcased as their "gamer spirit" or "flow state" with each expression of energy taking on the appearance of a summoned avatar. As unique, proprietary designs, these figures not only tie impactful creative to the end-user but do so without infringing on current gaming IPs in the landscape. Here, the 2D-illustration style mimics the animation style from the most popular gaming titles today, creating a sense of familiarity and personalization among gamers. Each character is unique and ownable to Intel while drawing on inspiration from gaming's most popular genres. Additionally, by tapping into the nuances of gaming to develop characters that resonate, gamers are encouraged to form connections with the overall brand, no matter what game they play.