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Introduce the new WRT32X Gaming Router as a key component to any serious gamer’s toolbox. Traditionally, gamers have always preferred to play on wired connections rather than wireless for consistent network speeds.


The challenge was getting the esports audience to embrace a product they historically disliked and demonstrate the effectiveness of the WRT32X in high-stakes competitive gaming.


Top professional gamers from The Overwatch League, Heartstone, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, PUBG, Fortnite, etc., were brought on to migrate their streaming and gaming stations from wired connections to wireless via WRT32X.


Throughout the campaign, the personalities would show the WRT32X in action, and in most cases, performed better than their previous wired connections.


  • Reached an audience of over 8,000,000 fans

  • Developed an esports narrative for the WRT32X on Twitch, Youtube, CES, Twitter, and Facebook

  • Positioned the WRT32X as the official Wireless Gaming Router for the University of California, Irvine gaming program

  • Jump started a paradigm shift among gamers that wireless products are reliable in high-stakes competitive gaming, including the professional circuit