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Co-Founder /

Creative Director

As an award-winning creative designer and a 10-year veteran competitor of the esports industry, Co-Founder and Creative Director, William Wu is the creative force behind Damage: The Esports Agency.


Prior to Damage, Wu spearheaded the creative teams behind several AAA titles from game developers such as Disney, EA, Ubisoft, Riot Games, Blizzard, Crytek, and Sony. Among these titles included: Star Wars, Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, Hearthstone, God of War, Ryse, Magic Cards, and many others. 


Aside from gaming, Wu’s creative experience has led to work for major blockbuster Hollywood films including The Legend of Tarzan (2016), Edge of Tommorow (2014), Dracula Untold (2014), and Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid. 


At Damage, Wu uses his experience as a gamer and advertiser to help clients best position their brand to win more of their target consumers.


When Wu isn’t in the office, you can find him on Steam playing House Flipper.